General Information

Dress Code

We request all golfers to kindly adhere to our dress code, which is:

1.  General
The following are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse
(i) Denim jeans or jackets.
(ii) Track-suits (tops or bottoms).
(iii) Sleeveless or collarless shirts.
(iv)  Runners or canvas trainers.

2. Course
(i)  Shorts – Must be tailored and cut at or just above the knee.
(ii) Please note – Three quarter length, cargo, combat, shorts with large side pockets, athletic with draw string or elastic waistband are not permitted.
(iii)  White or matching sports socks are required.
(iv)  Long trousers may not be tucked into socks.

3. Clubhouse
(i)  Smart casual wear is accepted throughout the clubhouse.
(ii) Shorts are permitted in the bar but not in the dining room.
(iii) Golf shoes are not permitted upstairs in the clubhouse.