The Ladies of Cork Golf Club are very fortunate to have many competitions bearing the names of some of their former members. The qualifying round of the Eileen Murphy Foursomes will be played in Cork Golf Club tomorrow on Thursday 28th June. The winners and runners-up from the qualifying round will take part in the Munster Final, which is hosted by Cork Golf Club on the second Monday of September, when teams from all over Munster will compete for the Eileen Murphy Trophy.


Who was Eileen Murphy? Eileen Murphy was a longstanding stalwart of ladies golf- her interest was in progressing the game when few ladies had the opportunity to play and even less to be members of a club. She was known for her strict adherence to the Rules and Etiquette the game – she encouraged young girls to play and helped them by playing with them and smoothing their path to becoming members of club.


Eileen was Lady Captain of Cork in 1932/33 and Lady President for five users from 1968 to 1973. Thereafter she became involved in Golf Administration serving the Southern District in every role and indeed becoming very involved in the early running of the I.L.G.U.




Written by Ruth O’Mahony